Bus Conversion RVs

A Bus Conversion RV will definitely set you apart from other RVers. The do-it-yourselfers are a unique bunch that welcomes newcomers. With clubs and meet-ups across North America, you will always be in good company and have plenty of like-minded new friends to admire your custom ride. Whether you start from scratch or purchase someone else’s design, you are certain to have a unique camping experience in a one of a kind RV. You can find used School Buses and retired Greyhounds on the internet for modest prices and then determine how much you want to spend making them into your dream machine.

The luxury Prevost Bus Conversion RVs are truly the pinnacle of the RV lifestyle. With spacious interiors that offer every amenity imaginable, up to four slide-outs and multiple bathrooms, and the smoothest highway ride you could ever want, driving from sea to shining sea will seem like a breeze. These buses are known as “Million Milers” offsetting the high cost with a great return on investment in the form of dependability, durability, and luxury for a lifetime of the RV good life. There are many models which are sure to meet even the most exacting standards.  Prices range from the hundreds of thousands for a quality used Prevost Bus Conversion upwards to a couple of million dollars and beyond. If you are looking for the best of the best, than look no further, and let a Prevost Bus Conversion RV take you farther than you ever dreamt. 

Bus Conversion RVs can be anything from a used School Bus bought for $1000 and converted to a DIY RV to the ultimate in luxury camping in the form of a Prevost Bus Conversion setting you back a couple of million dollars, and all sorts of things in between. What to go for obviously depends on your budget and also your wants and needs. An inexpensive School Bus Conversion is a great way get the most out of taking the hippie trail to see your favorite music festival featuring Willie Nelson. Whereas if you want to travel in style like Willie and have the money, a Prevost Bus RV offers top-shelf touring and will be sure to make you the envy of RVers and upstart musicians alike. Bus Conversion RVs of any variety offer spaciousness and plenty of options. There are a few drawbacks, though. Their size limits where you can take them and where you can set up camp. They can be costly to operate compared to other types of RVs, and many Bus Conversions are strictly limited to traveling on paved roads. So don’t try to take your newly converted Greyhound off the beaten trail.

// Notable Attributes of a Bus Conversion RV

  • Variety of options for all manner of RVers.
  • Unmatched for spaciousness.
  • Numerous design options available in multiple price points.
  • Designed for roadworthiness making cross-country travel as comfortable as possible.
  • High-end models offer a plethora of luxury amenities.
  • DIY Versions allow for unique customization.

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