10 Things You Will Love About the Colorado Teardrops’ Galley Kitchen

Here at Campers and Gear, we take pride in personally putting all kinds of products through real life testing. We do this with tents, knives, cooking gear, solar ovens, and all kinds of RVs. When it came time to put Colorado Teardrops’ Mount Massive model to the test we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. Of course, we loved everything about it, but the kitchen galley really stood out to us. What can we say, we’re what you might call foodies and we take camp cooking very seriously. Here are some of the features that we think you will love too.


1. Personalized Set-Up
With Colorado Teardrops’ Kitchen Galley you can set up your cooking space just the way you like it. If you are anything like us, then this is a big deal. Let’s face it, cooking a satisfying meal is a pretty important part of the whole camping experience. So why not have a camp kitchen that makes you feel like a Michelin Starred Chef even if the only stars are in the sky above the “Michelins” on your vehicle.

2. Easy Access
With the Kitchen Galley, everything is within an arm’s reach, making mealtime a pleasure. Whether you are preparing breakfast or blending a frozen Pina Colada like we do, the Colorado Teardrops’ cooking space is designed to maximize efficiency.

3. Fantastic Storage
We know you will love the massive amount of storage for all of your cookware, supplies, and food that comes standard. From your camp stove to your cooler, your dishes and cutlery to your cutting board, these teardrops are ready to haul and hold all of your essentials including that Pina Colada making blender!

4. Well-Built Cupboards
Staying with the storage theme, we thought it would be shameful not to mention the very well-built and ergonomically designed cupboards on this rig. Plastic containers fit perfectly and allow you to keep all of your kitchen necessities safe and organized.

5. Swing-Out Doors
We love this feature so much. Colorado Teardrops’ Kitchen Galley has swing-out doors on the lower half. One which converts to a counter perfect for your camp stove and one that is designed to hold your cooler with all of its goodies in place. As well they provide extra working space, something that is always appreciated.

6. Lots of Counter Space
You are certain to adore the abundance of countertop space, from where you can chop those veggies for that western omelet, slice the chicken for those campfire shish kabobs, and do the washing up without yearning for more room.

7. Easy to Clean
All of the Colorado Teardrops’ surfaces are easy to clean. We love this feature and know that you will too. Let’s get real, camp cooking can be messy, so why not enjoy the easy to clean Galley that comes standard on every model.

8. Charging Ports
With the Colorado Teardrops’ Kitchen Galley you can keep all of your devices fully charged and ready to do some serious Instagram bragging of your favorite camp meals.

9. Great Lighting
Who wants to have to cook in the dark? With these brilliantly designed campers, you don’t have to. The big brains at Colorado Teardrops HQ have you covered with plenty of lighting so even you night owls can cook a great meal.

10. Overhead Cover
What, blue skies aren’t guaranteed? Of course not, but you don’t have to let some rain or snow keep you from filling your belly. The hatch door spring lifts to the perfect height from under which you can stay dry while preparing your grub. It also acts as a great shade from that hot summer sun too!


In the end seeing is believing. So get yourself hooked up with a Colorado Teardrops camper today. Even if you are not ready to buy just yet you don’t have to worry. They rent them out for weekend warriors too. We know you will love these beautiful RVs and their kitchen work spaces just as much as we do. Drop us a line and we’ll even share some of our favorite backcountry recipes with you, because food just tastes better al fresco!

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