Games to Bring Camping


Games to Bring Camping

It Really Can Be All Fun and Games

Sure camping is about adventure, scenery, and an even mix of excitement and relaxation, but it’s also about bonding with the people you are with, whether family or friends. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s going to rain, be cold out, or maybe your party just requires some levity at the end of the day. Whatever the case, take a risk with life, don’t be sorry for trying to monopolize a little fun, I promise it won’t be a trivial pursuit. So when you can’t go fishing, break out the cards and play a game of go fish!

Having the right games with you while camping can mean all the difference in the world. A good board game has the power to prevent bored children, a fun outdoor game can alleviate some cabin fever, and a challenging or funny activity can help to pass the time on long road trips. So here are the Campers and Gear choices for the best games to bring along on camping trips.

Outdoor Games

  • Bocce Ball: This Italian pastime is the Godfather of yard game skill
  • Horseshoes: Perfect for a little lighthearted trash talking
  • Frisbee: A great way to get a little exercise, beach or no beach
  • Ring Toss: Fun for all ages
  • Bean Bag Toss/Cornhole: If you have the room, you’ll have the fun

Board Games

  • Monopoly: Unleash your inner real estate tycoon
  • Life: Fun for the whole family with life lessons included
  • Risk: Two words, World Domination
  • Clue: A little mystery for a dark and stormy night
  • Sorry: Perhaps the only time your kids will utter the word
  • Cranium: A game for artists, actors, wordsmiths, and the rest of the family

The Classics

  • Chess: Check your mates with this ancient strategy game invented by a Persian General
  • Checkers: It’s like a game of chess that even little kids can get the hang of
  • Backgammon: 50% strategy, 50% luck of the dice, 100% James Bond
  • Uno: Because there can be only one
  • Playing Cards: A hundred games for all ages in one pack

For the Know it Alls

  • Trivial Pursuit: Show off your smarts to be crowned champion of not so useful information
  • National Geographic’s Global Pursuit: Prepare for the geography bee with a copy of this 80’s era trivia game that can still be bought on ebay

For the Road Trip

  • License Plate Bingo: Is that yellow plate New York or New Mexico?
  • Mad Libs: This wacky word game will keep your kids laughing and encourage them to read

Whatever your pleasure, we know that games bring people closer together, provide a little fun, and offer a welcome distraction from daily life. What could be better than that, so remember, it really can be all fun and games.

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