Games to Bring Camping


Games to Bring Camping It Really Can Be All Fun and Games Sure camping is about adventure, scenery, and an even mix of excitement and relaxation, but it’s also about bonding with the people you are with, whether family or friends. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s going to rain, be cold out, or maybe…

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Tips for Truck Bed Camping


Tips for Truck Bed Camping Forget Memory Foam and Make Real Memories with Your Truck Bed! There is a lot to be said for freedom. Especially the kind of freedom that comes from traveling light and getting gone on a whim. At Campers and Gear, we believe that one of the best ways to achieve…

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Car Camping


Car Camping A Great Way to Get Outdoors If you are new to the camping lifestyle, the term Car Camping can be a bit confusing. The definition you get will depend in large part on who you ask what Car Camping is. Some folks call camping where you use your automobile as shelter, Car Camping,…

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Essential Tips for Winter Camping


Essential Tips for Winter Camping But Baby it’s Cold Outside No worries, you don’t have to be Nanook of the North to enjoy camping’s forgotten fourth season. You just have to be prepared with the right knowledge and the right gear. Remember those no school snow days when your parents would bundle you up and…

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Boondocking Dispersed Camping


The Saintliness of Boon Docking AKA Wild Camping Whether you call it boondocking, Wild Camping, Dispersed Camping, or Parking Lot Surfing, it all means the same thing. Free camping or RV’ing while off the grid. It is not, and I repeat, it is not to be confused with those Irish Vigilantes from the Boondock Saints…

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Essential Tips High Altitude Camping


Essential Tips for High Altitude Camping Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door For those of you who did not spend your last year Rocky Mountain Way but want to join the Mile High Club through some alpine camping, we here at Campers and Gear are ready to help you out, or should we say up.…

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Desert Camping


Desert Camping Sun Drenched Vistas, Unique Wildlife, and Forgotten Ghost Towns Deserts may not be the first places that come to mind when planning a camping trip, but they just might be after reading this article. Deserts can be foreboding, conjuring images of parched men searching for water under a high and hot sun. The…

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How to Make the Perfect S’more


How to Make the Perfect S’more I Want S’more, and S’more, and Then Some Here at Campers and Gear we love a good Jazz song, but we love a perfect S’more even more. So next time you are enjoying some good music around a campfire try out our recipe for the perfect S’more. What you’ll…

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