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Coachmen RV’s have enabled outdoor enthusiasts to camp in style since 1964, and the Coachmen Travel Trailer has been there since the beginning. With industry-leading value, service and support, Coachmen RV has been committed to getting you outdoors and having fun.

At Coachmen you will find a diverse selection of travel trailer models to suit your every need and desire. We have provided a brief overview of what is available within each brand below. Explore the many options that are available within the Coachmen Travel Trailer category and then find a local or national dealership to see one in person.


Freedom Express Travel Trailers

The Freedom Express Travel Trailers feature some of the industries most popular floor plans in these ultra-lite trailers. Not only can these be towed by most mid-size SUVs and half-ton trucks; they are also affordable!

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Freedom Express (Liberty Edition) Travel Trailers

The Freedom Express Liberty Edition Travel Trailer delivers ultra-light luxury in sizes ranging from 28 feet to 35 feet. These trailers offer some of the most popular floorplans that can be towed by most mid-size SUVs and half-ton trucks. Check them out at your local RV dealer today!

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Catalina SBX Travel Trailers

The Catalina SBX is an affordable travel trailer design to fit the budget and needs of every family. Coachmen has yet again knocked it out of the park with this high-quality built camper that provides features and amenities more common in models with a much higher price tag. We are sure this trailer will impress and encourage you to check one out at your local RV dealership.

Floorplan details coming soon!


Catalina Legacy Edition Travel Trailers

The Catalina Legacy edition has been built with the full spectrum of RV lifestyles in mind. Everything from the weekend camper to those of us who love to hit the road for weeks at a time. Like its counterpart the Catalina SBX, Coachman has once again delivered a travel trailer with the choices of amenities the fit almost any budget.

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Apex Travel Trailers

The Apex Travel Trailer is an eco-friendly lightweight camper that has been built with quality materials and a drive to produce a product that is truly innovative. Check out their floor plans to learn more and connect with a dealership near you to see it in person.

Floorplan details coming soon!


Clipper Travel Trailers

The Clipper Travel Trailer gives a whole new meaning to lightweight. Weighing in at only 2500 pounds this trailer can be towed by smaller vehicles, allowing more people to experience the RV lifestyle. Although Coachman has designed this travel trailer to be light, they have not cut any corners with the available amenities. The Clipper is a great little camper that is built to get you out there for the weekend and have a great time.

Floorplan details coming soon!


Viking Travel Trailers

The Viking Travel Trailer has been created with the budget conscious family in mind. We all should have the ability to get outdoors with our family and create lasting memories without sacrificing comfort; this is where the Viking Travel Trailer comes in play. Weighing in at around 2500 pounds the Viking can easily be towed by smaller vehicles and therefore save you money at the pump. Make sure to check these out at your local RV dealership.

Floorplan details coming soon!