Colorado Teardrops
You have to check these out!

• Fully insulated cabin

Aluminum Frame

Only 900 to 1800 pounds

• Starting at $11,300

Colorado Teardrops


Located in the beautiful outdoorsman’s paradise of Boulder, Colorado, Colorado Teardrop Sales and Rentals is a family owned business that is garnering a lot of attention these days. Founded in 2014 by experienced woodworker and craftsman Dean Wiltshire, Colorado Teardrops offers a great way to enjoy camping and the teardrop lifestyle whether for a short trip with a rental or as a permanent enthusiast as an owner.

At Colorado Teardrop Sales and Rentals, Dean and his team of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen construct some of the best teardrop trailers on the market today. From the lightweight Basedrop™ to the rugged Canyonland™ they are sure to have a model to suit your needs. In fact, they will custom build you one of these minimalist mansions on wheels if you like. Besides sales of new and custom models, they also trade in used teardrops. And if you aren’t quite sure about owning one or just want to try one out, they have a great rental program. Colorado Teardrop Sales and Rentals makes it so easy to enjoy camping with a Teardrop Trailer that it really would be silly not to take advantage of all they offer. So go ahead and get your wilderness on.




There is an old saying: “Style never goes out of fashion,” and since the 1930’s, the Teardrop Trailer has been holding true to those words. But they aren’t just lookers. No, in fact, the small but mighty Teardrop Trailer also offers convenience, comfort, innovation, and affordability. Nowadays these iconic campers are durably built, ergonomically designed, and packed with great features like solar power systems, queen size mattresses, plenty of storage for all of your gear and toys, and even a kitchen that will please the most discriminating camp chef. If all of this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, why wait? Check out the variety of features that Colorado Teardrops are offered with today!

  • Lightweight (between 900 & 1800 pounds)
  • Easy to tow
  • Affordable
  • Aluminum frame
  • Insulated


Storage for all of your spices, cookware, and just about everything else you need to make a delicious camp dinner comes standard on a Colorado Teardrops’ galley kitchen. There are specially designed places for your stove and cooler, as well as a large prep area. The flexible design of the galley kitchen means you can bring just about as much or as little as you require to fix that perfect mountaintop meal or lakeside lunch. There is even room to bring a blender for those frozen drinks that taste so good in the summer. And for those of you who are even more discriminating about your cooking space, don’t worry, Colorado Teardrops will custom build your camper’s kitchen to your specific needs.

  • Custom galley designs
  • Double Swing-Out Doors
  • USB charger
  • Tons of storage


The cabin on the Colorado Teardrop leaves little to chance. It is capable of comfortably sleeping two adults six feet tall from the coziness of a queen size mattress that easily converts into a sofa where four adults can sit. Got little kids? No problem. Colorado Teardrops makes versions with bunkbeds fit for small children. The bunks can also be used for a second sitting area or storage. Speaking of storage, these beauties are built with plenty of storage under the floor of the cabin. There is also shelving that can hold carry-on sized luggage and much more.

Other great features of the Colorado Teardrops’ cabin include a skylight, LED lights, reading lights, and there is even a switch that turns on the exterior patio light which makes checking out things that go bump or grrr in the night much safer. Each door has a window that opens for ventilation, and there is a powerful fan that will keep you cool as a cucumber. And the best part about Colorado Teardrops’ spacious cabin is that its brilliant design makes it feel very comfortable and much bigger than it actually is. Check one out, and you will soon see what kinds of big advantages come from such a small footprint.

  • Queen size mattress
  • Skylight
  • Can sleep a 6'5" adult
  • High-powered fan
  • LED interior lights


Can you believe that in this land of tomorrow, some campers are limited to views and campsites where shore power is available? Well, we can assure you that there is a big beautiful world waiting just beyond the power grid. And to help you see those majestic sights, Colorado Teardrops have harnessed the sun. With solar power systems designed to run all of your lights and outlets as well as recharge the battery, you can go more places in a Colorado Teardrop. Wherever you want or need an outlet, they will place them. That way you can charge your phone from the cabin or the kitchen. Because we all know, that doing a little online bragging about the view from wherever you are is just too good to pass up. With a Colorado Teardrop, you don’t have to.


Is the road less traveled your thing? Does off the beaten path sound like where you want to be? Well, you’re in luck. Colorado Teardrops have really upped their game when it comes to introducing off-road capable models. Some of these bad boys even ride on 33” tires. They have been designed to handle the bumps and bends of the trail. In fact, it is hard to tell that you are even towing a Colorado Teardrop. A member of our staff took one of their Mount Massive models into the high country, and they were pleased to report that the torsion axles allowed them to go a lot more places than most similar trailers. Colorado Teardrops’ off-road models are perfect for boondocking in parts unknown. But just in case you do see some other intrepid souls, Colorado Teardrops’ are made to turn heads.

  • Torsion axle
  • Off-road tires


Colorado Teardrop Trailers are perfect for couples, singles, and young families that desire a great camper without a big price tag or the need for a full-size truck. In fact, these affordable rolling bivouacs are easily towable with many cars and most SUVs. This is because they range in weight from 900 to 1800 pounds, which saves you money on fuel economy. Another reason that a Teardrop is so practical is the fact that you can maneuver them with ease both down the highway and into your campsite. Eliminating the need for towing skills that owners of larger travel trailers must have. So if you are looking for a great, easy-to-tow, and affordable camper, look no further than a Colorado Teardrop!

  • Between 900 & 1800 pounds
  • Small vehicle towable
  • Save money on gas


In today’s world of mass produced disposable consumer goods, it is so refreshing to come across a company like Colorado Teardrops. Beyond the fact that we love the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into every Colorado Teardrop Trailer, we really love how you can customize them to make them truly and uniquely yours. Love mountain biking? There’s a rack for that. Love kayaking? There’s a rack for that. Want to bring more people? How about adding a rooftop tent. Go ahead try and stump the guys and gals at Colorado Teardrops, we dare you. Because as long as it’s not something that they wouldn’t recommend, then you can pretty much be confident that they can make it a reality.



It seems like nowadays customer service is a thing of the past. Well, not at Colorado Teardrops. Whether you just want to rent a model for a getaway or have decided to embrace the Teardrop Trailer lifestyle, you won’t be disappointed with the company or the customer service at Colorado Teardrops. The company runs on quality in all that they do. From the design and manufacturing phase to the assistance you get upon delivery and long after. It is not uncommon for the owner of Colorado Teardrops to get his hand's dirty building alongside his team of craftsmen and craftswomen. And all of the women and men of the Colorado Teardrops team are ready to assist you with anything you need, from repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and more. Personally, our own customer service experience with Colorado Teardrops has been amazing.

Everybody knows that the biggest regrets in life come from what you didn’t do. It is also well established that the journey is the only real destination. So before we wax poetic on you anymore, go ahead and imagine all of the adventures that are waiting for you. Now imagine undertaking those adventures with the help of a custom, hand-made Colorado Teardrop Trailer. Be that explorer that you always dreamed you would be. Get outdoors under the big sky and the bright stars, beyond the confines of civilization and enjoy your time here on this beautiful planet. What are you waiting for? Colorado Teardrops is just a call or click away from making your life one with few regrets and lots of memories!