The Conqueror is now available in the U.S.

• No wood, all-metal design

• Heavy duty off-road suspension

• Four models to choose from

• Starting at $20,600

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For over 25 years Conqueror has been proving itself to be the ultimate in off-road campers across wild Africa and the Outback of Australia.  If you are looking for an off-road camper that can go anywhere that your 4x4 vehicle can get to while being equally comfortable on the highway then look no further than Conqueror's UEVs or Urban Escape Vehicles.

Some key elements that go into the design and construction of a Conqueror off-road camper include:

  • Powder coated body parts
  • Modular design that allows repairs to be made on the trail
  • Body panels are assembled with polyurethane glue and high strength rivets
  • Aircraft inspired construction.
  • Patented independent suspension system with 12" electric brakes
  • Heavy duty off-road shocks
  • Constructed with CNC cut and bent 3mm steel
  • Powder coated, or hot dip galvanized chassis
  • High strength rivets and bolts instead of welds
  • Low metal fatigue and stress

So if you are looking to get lost while on the path to finding yourself, look no further than the extremely capable lineup of off-road campers offered by Conqueror North America.



Conqueror UEV-310 Off-Road Camper

The Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme off-road camper is the most lightweight as well as being the smallest of Conquerors lineup of "UEVs" or Urban Escape Vehicles.  What it lacks in size it makes up in utility.  It has over 70 cubic feet of lockable storage for all that gear that you may need for your next off-road adventure.  It comes with a massive bed, which is easy to set up, and this camper is built with off-road locations and tough conditions in mind.  Find a wild place to Conquer with your UEV-310 overland trailer today!

• Four side access doors and rear door
• Military grade rip-stop canvas
• Max Coupler off-road coupler
• Hot dipped galvanized chassis

Sleeps: 4
Unloaded Weight: 1080 lbs
Max Loaded Weight: 3300 lbs
Starting at: $20,600


Conqueror UEV-390 Off-Road Camper

The Conqueror UEV-390 Extreme is one of the company's best-selling off-road campers, and it is no wonder why.  The UEV-390 Extreme is one badass mobile expedition home away from home.  It is loaded with compartments and storage features like a dedicated area to hang your clothes.  Sleeping is made extra-comfortable with a king size bed that appears once the tent is erected while below a  sizeable living area is created.  Need to sleep more people?  No worries, the living area has enough room to accommodate an inflatable double bed.

• Gabriel shock absorbers with leaf springs
• Electric 10" brakes
• LED rear tail lights
• Jerry can holders

Sleeps: 4
Unloaded Weight: 1875 lbs
Max Loaded Weight: 3365
Starting at: $31,635



Conqueror UEV-440 Off-Road Camper

The UEV-440 Extreme North America is Conqueror's answer to those searching for a superiorly designed and constructed user-friendly off-road camper.  This compact Hybrid is built for expeditions lasting from a single night to several weeks and can go anywhere that your 4x4 vehicle can go and you can imagine.  Built to sleep four comfortably it is a favorite of adventurous families.  The pressurized interior keeps it dust free, and the big 42-gallon water tank ensures that showering after a day of exploration is no problem at all. If you're looking for an off-road camping trailer that can go anywhere, you need to check out the UEV-440!

• Wood rack
• Electric 12" brakes
• LED rear tail lights
• One rear entrance door with fold out step

Sleeps: 4
Unloaded Weight: 2755 lbs
Max Loaded Weight: 3970 lbs

Starting at: $45,625



Conqueror UEV-490 Off-Road Camper

The Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme off-road camper is more than just the flagship model of the company; it is a wanderer's dream come true. This ingeniously adaptive hard-shell overland trailer has a 360-degree awning to keep you covered whether under the desert sun or the monsoon rains. Whether towing down the highway or on the road less...wait...road never traveled, this camper is exceptionally capable.  This luxury off-road camper sleeps four and comes equipped for even the most particular trail chefs with a bounty of kitchen and cooking design features.

• Aluminium Stone Protection
• Rally tent & side panels included
• Two Entrance doors with fold out steps
• Two rear storage bins

Sleeps: 5
Unloaded Weight: 3200 lbs
Max Loaded Weight: 4300 lbs

Starting at: $49,535