Roof Top Tents


Roof Top Tents

The Penthouse Please

If you are like me, your car, truck, or SUV is like your home away from home.  It offers a sense of security, familiarity, and most off all a sense of freedom.  Perhaps you are also like me in that you love adventure, but enjoy a little comfort.  And perhaps we have similar opinions of mosquitoes and other pesky pests that can be a real nuisance when camping.  Well, then there is a good chance that you are a perfect candidate for a roof top tent or as I like to say, the penthouse floor of the camping world.

Sure there are an infinity of fantastic terrestrial or traditional tents, but did you know that you can find right here the best manufacturers and dealers of roof top or roof rack tents that are designed to fit just about any car, truck, SUV, or even specialty trailers?  Well, now you do!

You see we aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces here at Campers & Gear.  Oh no, we are a team of travelers, enthusiasts, and writers made up of camping mad scientists and wilderness think tank researchers, and our only goal is to supply you with the skills and knowledge to make the most of living outdoors.

So here is what you need to know about roof top tents


Soft Top or “A” Frame

Soft Top or “A” Frame roof top tents are in some ways more versatile in terms of variety of design features, with some having living spaces that extend to the ground for uses such as private areas for portable toilets or changing areas.  This can be a very welcome feature, especially if privacy is a concern.  As well, prices for Soft Top roof top tents are often more affordable than their hard-shell cousins.
Like what you see in this picture? Check out this Smittybilt 2783 A Frame roof top tent today!


Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

Hard Shell roof top tents are the “premium” option and garner that status because they are easier and quicker to deploy, are more aerodynamic, and in most circles considered more stylish.

The Pros

  • They are very well constructed using durable materials that are made to protect you from bad weather elements like rain, snow, and wind.  They keep out the sun, sand and dust, dirt and mud, and the pesky pests such as mosquitoes, biting insects, and other uninvited animals much better than a terrestrial or traditional tent.
  •  They are expertly designed for easy and fast opening and closing, so you can spend more time resting and less time wrestling with trying to get camp set up.
  • You don’t need to be on level ground, and you don’t have to worry about rocky terrain.
  • They are easier to keep clean than terrestrial or traditional tents, and some come with special mattresses which when combined with  your sleeping bag can make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug (except there won’t be any bugs because you’ll be safely perched in your own camping penthouse).

The Cons

  • They are considerably more costly than a terrestrial or traditional tent.  Some of the best can be upwards of several thousand dollars.
  • If you plan on camping somewhere that you can’t get your car, truck, or SUV, then you will still need a terrestrial or traditional tent.
  • Generally speaking your car, truck, or SUV will need to be equipped with a roof rack of some kind.
  • Your sub-compact, convertible, or sports car most definitely will not work with a roof top tent.
  • You need to be able to climb a ladder in most cases, so if you have health limitations or physical disabilities that make this hard or impossible then these are probably not for you.

So now you know the advantages and disadvantages of roof top tents.  Maybe you will decide that you like to be firmly planted on the ground or maybe, just maybe you will decide you like the view from life in the forest canopy better and make the climb.  The choice is yours and now so is the knowledge to make that decision.  Keep on camping my friends, you just might find that life outdoors is a life unlimited!

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