Rungu Electric Juggernaut
3 Wheel Off-Road Bike

• Greater stability in snow, sand, mud and all off-road conditions

Speeds up to 25 MPH or more

25-30 miles on a single charge

• Battery charges in 5 hours



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The future of off-road travel has arrived. The Electric Juggernaut by Rungu is its name! You will love riding this dynamic invention. Forget dangerous, noisy, and gas-guzzling ATVs. The Rungu Electric Juggernaut isn’t a toy; it’s a three-wheeled revolution!

Available in military green or midnight black. The Rungu Electric Juggernaut tackles off-road bumps like a beast. And it makes turns on the road with ease. All thanks to its NEW front suspension forks. And a whole host of capable features.

The Rungu Electric Juggernaut is unlike anything else on the road. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Made for off-road explorers. Desired by hunters. The Rungu Electric Juggernaut enhances every adventure.

Features and Benefits

  • Two front wheels allow you to evade washouts on loose ground
  • Bank into turns while maintaining speed and control
  • Travel up to 25-30 miles depending on terrain and rider
  • Speeds up to 25 MPH or more
  • 5-hour charging time
  • 4.8-inch fat-tires for extra stability in sand, snow and other off-road conditions
  • Front suspension fork upgrade makes riding a joy. It beats the trail instead of your body
  • Hydraulic disc braking system. This system uses 180mm front and back rotors.
  • Front and read parking brake to stop roll away on slight inclines
  • 2000 watt vented motor allows you to haul heavy loads
  • 14Ah Li-ion battery is lighter than previous models
  • Increased range over previous models by 12%

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Do you love the Electric Juggernaut, but live for power? You are in luck because the Electric Juggernaut LE is available! This is a true e-ATV. It can climb higher. Is better at hauling. Plows through snow, sand, and mud with ease. Go ahead, ask the crew over at Popular Mechanics. They’ll tell you the same thing.

Available in Midnight Black or Military Green. This three-wheeled workhorse can haul up to 200 pounds of cargo on virtually any terrain. The Electric Juggernaut LE rivals the stability of an ATV. So get ready to have some serious fun. To blaze new trails. To be the envy of your friends.

Features and Benefits

  • 375 pound carrying capacity
  • 4,000 watt high-torque motor setup laughs in the face of adversity
  • Travel up to 25-30 miles depending on terrain and rider
  • Speeds up to 35 MPH or more
  • 74V 15 Ah battery removable and replaceable system
  • Optional 1260 Lumen 18W headlight will brighten the darkest of nights
  • 180mm front and back rotors on the all-hydraulic braking system
  • Parking brake feature gives peace of mind
  • The upfront Two-Wheel design helps evade washouts on loose ground
  • Perfect for banking into turns on the road
  • Three Fat-Tire design makes floating on snow and sand a breeze!

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