Custom-built Teardrops
Lightweight and Durable Construction

• Handmade cabinets

Available in 188 colors

Between 750 & 1100 pounds

• Starting at $5,200

TC Teardrop Trailers | Expedition Trailers

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TC Teardrops of Wausau, Wisconsin makes some of the finest Teardrop Trailers on the market. Customization through some cool upgrades and options guarantees that your camper will be uniquely yours. And if you're the adventurous type that's also looking for something more rugged, then you will love the available off-road expedition upgrades. Since every teardrop is custom made that means production schedules can fill up quickly and you should place your order as soon as possible. Give them a call today!





TC Teardrops makes models in four different sizes to suit any buyer’s needs and budget. The 4x8 version is intimate and cozy yet remains versatile and durable. The 5x8, 5x9, and 5x10 have a little more room, and they even have an option for bunk beds so the whole family can enjoy sleeping in comfort.

Model base prices:

  • 4'x8’ Model - $5,200
  • 5'x8' Model - $6,000
  • 5'x9' Model - $6,700
  • 5'x10' Model - $7,400


Every kitchen in all four models is designed to allow you the flexibility of incorporating your gear the way you like it. Throw your cooler, stove, and cutlery in the appropriate places, and you're ready to hit the road. We are sure you will love the kitchen as much as we do!

  • Utensil hangers
  • Stove drawer
  • Paper towel holder
  • Cooler compartment
  • and much more!


The sleeping cabin comes with pull down shades over a large tinted skylight so that you can keep the sun out in the morning while reserving the right to stargaze at night. You'll rest easy on the Colorado Queen mattress or upgrade to memory foam. There is plenty of storage in the cabin, a vent fan, lots of outlets and two vented windows in addition to the three cabin LED lights by which you can plot tomorrow's course or read a good book before getting some shut eye.

  • Optional bunk beds available in the three larger models
  • Comfortably fit a 6-foot tall adult
  • High-powered fan
  • Storage cabinets
  • LED lights


When it comes to weight, you almost can’t beat a TC Teardrop with the 4x8 model weighing in at a featherlike 750 pounds and a tongue weight of just 120 pounds, while the extra-large 5x10 comes in at only 1100 pounds with a tongue weight of a mere 170 pounds.

Therefore no matter which of the four models you choose you can rest assured that they are easy to tow and even easier on fuel consumption. That is why they make a great alternative to their other RV cousins, even the lightweight ones. In fact, ask any TC Teardrop customer, and they will tell you that you’ll hardly notice that you are towing a camper behind you. You will travel with ease, whether your path takes you on highways, byways, or the road less traveled.

  • Between 750 & 1100 pounds
  • 120 to 170-pound tongue weight
  • Tow with most vehicles
  • Save money on gas when towing


When you order your TC Teardrop, you will have many options to choose from, and we were blown away when we found out you can choose from 188 body colors. With that many paint options, we are sure that you can find one to match your vehicle.


For those of you who want a little more, the Off-Road Expedition Package will give you exactly what you need to get away from the crowds. This upgrade includes 16” Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheels, Two Toyo A/T Tires, large Jeep-style fenders and the following:

  • Heavy-duty 3,500 pound de-rated torsion axle
  • 10” Electric Brakes
  • An A-Frame Tongue
  • Six 2” SIDE accessory receivers
  • Lock N Roll Articulating Hitch and more!


In the end, the hardest part about investing in a TC Teardrop Trailer is choosing how to customize it. The good news is that the general design of the TC Teardrop never changes so that you can add options and upgrades according to your budget and schedule. Still not sure if these Off-Road Teardrops are the right fit for your needs, well you’re in luck there are several places where you can rent a TC Teardrop and try one out.  Either way, we here at Campers and Gear know a quality product and a good time when we see one. You’ll get both when you buy a TC Teardrop Trailer; we’re sure of that!