Handcrafted Teardrops
made in Colorado, available worldwide!

• Fully insulated cabin

11 colors available

Less than 1200 pounds

• Starting at $16,850

Timberleaf Custom Teardrop Trailers

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers logo


Timberleafs' owner and creator Kevin Molick and his Denver-based company are making heads turn with their custom teardrop trailers that take you back with their 1930's nostalgic styling. These tiny trailers are exceptionally easy to tow and built with quality craftsmanship which is evident in every detail from the design to the woodworking. It is easy to tell how much Kevin and his team love their work and their product and that love shines through in each one of their tiny travel trailers.

These Colorado Teardrop Trailers are quietly taking the RV world by storm. Indiana may have the most manufacturers of traditional RVs, but Colorado manufacturers like Timberleaf Camping Trailers are making a name for themselves in the world of teardrop campers.




There are many reasons why falling in love with teardrop campers is so easy to do. The old-timey style is but one of the iconic features that make teardrop trailers so magical. Their comfortable sleeping quarters, as well as their functional and beautiful rear galley kitchens are a couple more reasons. Throw in the fact that they are easy to tow, lightweight, and have a multitude of custom option possibilities including off-road versions and it is no wonder why so many people are catching the teardrop fever.

  • Lightweight (under 1200 pounds)
  • Easy to tow with an SUV or Crossover
  • Affordable way to get outdoors with your family


Even the most discriminating camp chef will feel right at home with the beautiful galley kitchen with its custom cooler line. The little touches on these gorgeous Baltic Birch kitchens like dovetail joinery and leather handles are sure to impress whatever neighbors you may encounter. You will also find plenty of storage, a sink with cold water dispenser and a two burner cooktop.

  • Hand-made custom cooler
  • Birchwood & dovetail joinery
  • Leather handles
  • USB charger
  • Stove, sink and much more!


The sleeping cabin comes with pull down shades over a large tinted skylight so that you can keep the sun out in the morning while reserving the right to stargaze at night. You'll rest easy on the Colorado Queen mattress or upgrade to memory foam. There is plenty of storage in the cabin, a vent fan, lots of outlets and two vented windows in addition to the three cabin LED lights by which you can plot tomorrow's course or read a good book before getting some shut eye.

  • Queen size mattress
  • Skylight with built in shade
  • Comfortably fit a 6'5" adult
  • High-powered fan
  • LED lights


Lightweight Teardrop Trailers seem to be all the rage, and it is no wonder. Weighing in at around 1200 pounds with a 120-pound tongue weight they are towed easily by most vehicles, saving you money on fuel. These tiny trailers are also perfect for going where the big guys just plain can't. These small, lightweight campers without the special burdens of traditional RVs, can get you where you're going quickly, allow you to set up fast, and then move on to your next destination with ease.

  • Under 1200 pounds
  • 120-pound tongue weight
  • Small vehicle towable
  • Save money on gas compared to larger campers


When your order your custom teardrop trailer you'll have many options to choose from, and one of those options is the body color. The Timberleaf Teardrops are built with an anodized aluminum siding that comes in 11 colors.

  • Black
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Deep Purple
  • Dark Blue
  • Glacial White
  • Grassy Green
  • Prairie Fire Orange
  • Red Rocks Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Smoke Grey
  • Sunflower Yellow


Timberleaf offers a variety of options, upgrades, and packages including the off-road teardrop trailer, which will go pretty much anywhere your 4x4 and imagination can take you. The base model starts at an affordable $16,850, and for not much money you can add upgrades like solar panels, awnings, and even an external AC/Heat Unit that measures 2500 BTUs. Shelving, roof racks, and mesh rooms are also available. And with eleven head turning paint schemes to choose from there is no doubt that your custom Timberleaf Camping Trailer will be as unique as you are.