Camping Checklist


Camping Checklist

Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten something important?  Or gotten back from a vacation and unpacked clothes that were never worn and other items that were never used?  There is a happy medium between the toothbrush and magazine crowd and those that bring everything including the kitchen sink.  That is why Campers & Gear has put together this handy Camping Checklist.  What you should pack depends on the length of your trip, the type of camping or excursion you are going to be doing, and access to suppliers of provisions.  This Camping Checklist isn’t meant to be taken as gospel, but rather as a guide.  We expect, based on your own needs and wants that you will add items to and delete items from this Camping Checklist.  You won’t find the kitchen sink on this Camping Checklist, but you will find the basics as well as a few items that we’ve found  from our own experiences to be must have’s.

Remember: Don’t Forget the Essentials, Pack Only What You Need, and Leave Nothing Behind!

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For the Campsite

  Stakes and Guylines
  EZ Up Canopy Tent or Screen house
  Sleeping Bag (appropriately rated for the expected temperatures)
  Foam Sleeping Pad or Air Mattress (Optional)
  Pillow or Headrest
  Portable Seating/Table
  Lantern (Plus Fuel or Batteries)Essential Gear

  Water Filter
  Weather Radio
  Solar Powered Battery Charger

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Clothing (Pack according to expected weather)
  Hiking Boots
  All-Terrain Shoes
  Flip-Flops for Campground Showers
  Long Underwear
  Moisture-wicking underwear and T-shirts
  Synthetic or Wool Socks
  Long-sleeve shirts
  Quick Dry Pants and Shorts
  Sun Hat
  Jacket or Coat (depending on weather conditions)
  Layered clothing for warm or active days and cool/cold nights
  Gloves (Suited for activity and weather conditions)

  Camp stove w/fuel source
  Fuel Funnel
  Waterproof Matches
  Pots and Pans
  Cups and Mugs
  Knives, Spatulas, and Grill Utensils
  Water Bottles
  Cooler with Ice or Ice Packs
  Oven Mitts
  Storage Bags
  Garbage Bags
  Dish Soap
  Steel Wool
  Drying Rack
  Lighter Fluid
  Firewood (Where permitted)
  Food (Don’t forget the Hot Dogs and Marshmallows)
  Beverages (Don’t forget the Coffee and Hot Cocoa)
  Salt, Pepper, and Spices
  Snacks (Don’t forget the Trail Mix)

Download PDF Version

Toiletries, Necessities, and Unmentionables
  Toilet Paper
  WAG Bags (Waste Activated Gel)
  Biodegradable Soap and Shampoo
  Toiletry Kit (Don’t forget the Tweezers for Splinters)
  Insect Repellent
  Antiseptic Wipes
  Hand Mirror
  First Aid Kit
  Over-the-counter allergy, pain, and diarrhea medicine
  Portable Shower
  Bath Towels
  Tampons or Sanitary Napkins
  Condoms (Better to be safe than sorry)

Activity Specific
  Fishing Tackle and Gear
  Fishing License*
  Kayak, Canoe, or Inflatable
  Life Jackets/Helmets
  Trekking Poles
  Climbing Gear
  Tire Pump/Spare Inner Tubes

Everything Else
  Cell Phone
  Film/Memory Cards
  Two-way Radios
  Guidebooks/Field Guides
  Night Vision
  Pet Gear (Pet Food, Bowls, Leash, Toys, Pet Bed, and Poop Sacks

Have other items in mind?  Write them in below.

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