Portable Camp Kitchen
perfect for overland adventures

• Store all your kitchen gear

• Lightweight & Durable

Aircraft-grade aluminum

 Starting at $239

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With their stated goal being “to provide the ultimate portable kitchen and clean-up workstations” Trail Kitchens has developed a full range of solution oriented products that achieve that very goal. They may have been founded in 2014 but decades’ worth of real camping and adventure experience is where the origins of Trail Kitchens product lineup comes from. Founded on the Zen like principle to Create Innovative Products that Enhance the Mobile Outdoor Lifestyle, Trail Kitchens is leading the way.

No longer do you have to sift through the numerous standalone products or rely on having a recreational vehicle to get the most out of camp kitchens, cookware, or water filtering and showering. Now thanks to the smart guys and gals of Trail Kitchens, located in the High Sierra town of Truckee, California you can get kitted up with everything you need in a highly compact and portable product built by people who have first-hand knowledge when it comes to camping and adventure. So whether you are heading into the backcountry on wheels or water, heels or hooves, Trail Kitchens has the essential gear you need!



Nowadays it seems like there is no shortage of choices when it comes to camping gear. Just go on the internet, and before long you are certain to come down with a severe case of decision fatigue. That is why we here at Campers and Gear go the extra mile to test out products in real life camping scenarios. Then we figure out what gear is worthwhile enough to attach our name to and let you know all about it. So when it comes to camp kitchens, we can answer the question “Why Buy a Trail Kitchen?” with little hesitation.

Trail Kitchens offers a fantastic alternative to purchasing a drawer system, and they do so at an affordable price. Their units transfer easily to any vehicle which means you can always be ready for adventure. They are brilliantly designed to allow you to get more gear into your rig, so having to make tough decisions about what to leave behind won’t affect you. With Trail Kitchens, you will always have a prep station and the means to cook hearty and satisfying meals whether you are at your favorite campground or deep in the wilderness. Their lightweight and strong aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel “chuck boxes” are extremely well-built and very fast and easy to set up your camp kitchen. So why wouldn’t you buy a Trail Kitchen is perhaps the better question to ask.


Before we got our very own Trail Kitchens’ Camp Kitchen, we used to drag along two or more plastic containers just to pack our cooking gear. Well not anymore. Now we can fit it all in our Trail Kitchen. Now that we have tons of storage for our preferred stove, space for our pots and pans, and a dedicated utensil drawer, we could never go back to our old method. With our Camp Kitchen by Trail Kitchens we have space for our cups, plates, and even BBQ tools. Speaking of BBQ, we are past the age of wiping the delicious sauce on our pants. Thanks to Trail Kitchens we don’t have to anymore. There is even space for a roll of paper towels!


Trail Kitchens’ products are built to last beyond a lifetime. Constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, they have a heavy duty feel, but are very lightweight. Most of their camp kitchens range in weight from 17 pounds to 39 pounds with the heaviest being a trim 51 pounds. Many models have between 12.2 sq. ft. to 14.6 sq. ft. of table space with a 300-pound load capacity. Besides being a stable and comfortable work space from which to cook a satisfying camp meal, or if you’re that guy, do the washing up, they are easy to clean. With fantastic design features like heavy duty grab handles and door latches, you don’t have to worry about flimsy materials creating big problems. Another design feature that we found very smart was the two rail system that protects the case when sliding in and out of your vehicle. But really, the best part of Trail Kitchens’ products is that they are proudly made in the U.S.A.


$299.00 USD

The extremely affordable yet exceptionally functional camping chuck box known by the moniker The King Charles allows everyone to enjoy the brilliant designs of Trail Kitchens. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel The King Charles is built for years of memorable use. Designed to fit your 2-burner camp stove, kitchen gear, along with the most practical utensil drawer and organizer on the market today, The King Charles Camp Kitchen Box will have you eating like royalty no matter where your adventures take you.


$499.00 USD

Roughing it never tasted so good. Trail Kitchens’ Compact Camp Kitchen has been engineered with convenience, efficiency, and portability in mind. When it comes to construction, these units are built to last. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel they are both strong and lightweight. If Julia Child were still alive and happened to be a road-less-traveled adventurer, she would relish the Compact Camp Kitchen’s design, with plenty of room for a 2-burner stove and all of the kitchen gear needed to feed a party of hungry campers. Remember, just because you’ve put civilization in the rear view mirror doesn’t mean you can’t be civilized!


$699.00 USD

With design features like a separate lower area for the camp stove and an ingenious utensil drawer with organizer, it is no wonder that The Camp Kitchen by Trail Kitchens is their best seller.  It is chock full of features that are so utilitarian and convenient that they will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”   Built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel this lightweight and easy to transport camp kitchen and workstation will last so long that your Grandkids’ Grandkids will be using it.  And if it is good enough for future other-planet colonizing generations, it is definitely worthy enough for an overland trip down here on little old Earth!


$899.00 USD

You don’t have to be on the Forbes 500 Rich list to afford Trail Kitchens’ Camp Kitchen with Integrated Stove, but you can certainly eat like you are. The Camp Kitchen with Integrated Stove has discriminating camp chefs in mind in all of its design features. Like its built in 2-burner stove with 40,000 BTU/hr of power, maximum storage and all of the utility and convenience you’ve come to expect from the high IQ engineers at Trail Kitchens. Portable and lightweight, this camp kitchen is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel and ready for a lifetime of rugged yet refined adventure. And just so we stay on good terms with the legal department, it is intended for outdoor use only. Do not use in any enclosed space.


$2,490.00 USD

This slide-out do-it-all unit may have been designed with the four door Jeep Wrangler in mind, but it also works great with Land Cruisers, 4Runners, Land Rovers, Subaru Outbacks, the Mercedes G-Class and much more. With Trail Kitchens’ Wrangler Camping system you get a removable Compact Camp Kitchen, an integrated 6-gallon water system with 12-volt pump, flip-down work surfaces, LED lighting, and an optional 36,000 BTU/hr hot water heater with shower. Install and uninstall this bad boy in five easy minutes with zero drilling required. So get gassed up and head off-the-beaten-path knowing that you have all you need to make some momentous camping memories.